The foundation of Carmel’s starts with the parents of Rhoda Baldwin. Her father Alejo Cavasos, born in Monterey, Mexico, was drafted by Poncho Villa to ride with him at the age of 13. He, not being agreeable with the bandit lifestyle migrated to Texas in 1914 and registered for the 1st World War. He was given legal citizenship in 1971. On May 21st, 1928 he married Ventura Longoria. After marriage came six children, one of which is now Carmel’s owner Aurora Baldwin a.k.a Rhoda.

Rhoda had 3 children, Michael, Deborah Carmel and Anthony Baldwin. In 1967 and 1968 Rhoda worked at Loma Linda for Adel Mundt, her sister. When Anthony was a baby, Rhoda had to call off work because he was sick. Adel let Rhoda go because she couldn’t come to work. From that point, Rhoda was out of work and needed to figure something out to support her family. Rhoda’s sister Connie came up with an idea to open a small Mexican carryout next to their home on Oak Street. The basic recipes for the taco meat and guacamole came from Ventura Cavasos, Rhoda’s mother. The margarita recipe was given to Loma Linda by a man named Frenchie. All other recipes were formation from Rhoda by her own enhancements and the burralada is her own creation that you will never find any other place. She even made up the word. Now how is that for a genius!

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